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Swamy Industries

We have established our first service center in the year 1995 and a small unit in the name of Swamy industries that comprises a cut-to-length machine and a coil storage facility. It grew in leaps and bounds now bringing us many repeated customers. Swamy Industries has become a pioneer warehousing service center basing its operations in the city of Hyderabad. Here we perform various processes on steel coils like;

  • Cut to length processing of sheets,
  • Slitting (cut to width)
  • Decoiling

We serve the industries of automobile, construction, small scale steel industries, power plants, SPMS (special-purpose machines), pre-engineering buildings and many other. We are blessed with a huge preserving space for storing the finished products on our Service center only. This allows us to quickly supply our orders to the customers.

Coils Cut To Length
  • Thickness : 0.15MM TO 3MM
  • Width : 410MM / 750MM / 900MM / 1000MM / 1220MM / 1250MM / 1320MM / 1500MM / 1650MM
  • Length : 762MM / 1500MM / 2000MM / 2440MM / 2500MM / 3660MM / 4270MM

Coils Slitting
  • Thickness : 0.25MM TO 3MM
  • Slitt Width: : 25MM TO 410MM

Warehousing Of Steel Coil
  • Thickness : 0.15MM TO 3MM
  • Width : 760MM / 900MM / 1000MM / 1220MM / 1250MM / 1320MM / 1450MM / 1500MM / 1650MM